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Latest health care of your important
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Our best medical care to local communities
Provide day to day,
With competition among the staff.
Sincerely, we endeavor to regional development.


With the motto of opening the West-Takamatsu Cerebral Surgery Clinic in Goto-Cho, Takamatsu City in February 2007, to protect the health of the brain and the body of local people, contribute to society, to the community as well While being supported, it was 11 years since the days passed.
Among them, 12/2015, Takamatsu Fujitsuka Central Street Neurosurgery Internal Medicine Clinic, 2/2016, Asahimachi, Takamatsu-Shi Takamatsu image Diagnostic Clinic, also 9/2016 Fukuoka-Cho, Takamatsu-Shi Takamatsu endoscopic Diagnostic Clinic and the Desire and want to contribute to health care in your area, and we established each Institute.
I think future provide best medical care to the community, official competition we want.
President Yoshihito Matsumoto


West-Takamatsu Neurosurgery Internal Medicine Clinic, Takamatsu Image Diagnostic Clinic can reserve Medical checkup and various exams from the Internet.


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